The Antarctic Master Directory (AMD) is the central directory system that contains metadata regarding Antarctic-related research. Metadata is information about the data, rather than the data itself, but it also directs you to where the data can be found.

EBA has a portal within the Antarctic Master Directory. This gives access to:

  • Metadata submitted since EBA was established;
  • Metadata submitted before EBA was established, but that contribute to EBA's aims

This portal can be accessed here.

Groups who associate their work with EBA are encouraged to enter their metadata into the Antarctic Master Directory and link it to the EBA programme under 'Projects'. Note that metadata can be linked to more than one project.

The Standing Committee on Antarctic Data Management (SCADM) was established to help facilitate cooperation between scientists and nations with regard to scientific data. SCADM encourages scientists and nations to submit metadata to the Antarctic Master Directory to facilitate access to data, maximise the use of the data, avoid duplication of research and data collection, improve efficiency of Antarctic scientific data management, and disseminate knowledge about Antarctic scientific programmes.

For questions on any apects of data management, please contact EBA’s SCADM representative (see Contacts)

EBA related databases:

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